Clean Grime Off Rubber and Silicone Watch Straps with Baking Soda (6 Easy Steps)(2023)

rubber watch straps

One of the most common problems faced by watch lovers, especially with rubber and silicone straps, is grime.

Over time, dirt and grime can build up on your watch straps. This is due to the exposure to sweat and rubbing against your skin. And with grime comes a stinky smell.

In this article, I’ll show step-by-step how you can clean and deodorize silicone and rubber watch straps with the help of baking soda.

Let’s begin.

What you’ll need:

Baking soda
Clean brush
Plastic or glass container

Optional: Dish soap

clean watch straps what you need


Step 1. Remove the straps from your watch. Even though most watches these days are water-resistant, it’s still better to remove the watch strap before cleaning it. It’s much easier to scrub and get into the crevices of the straps that way.

remove watch straps from watch

Step 2. Make the baking soda paste. Create a paste by mixing 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of water. You can add few drops of dish soap if you want. 

make the baking soda paste

Step 3. Dip the brush in the paste. Brush the strap using the baking soda paste. Make sure to scrub both sides of the straps to get all the grime off. 

scrub watch strap

Step 4. Rinse with water. Rinse off any traces of baking soda and soap.

rinse strap with water

Step 5. Dry the straps. Use a clean cloth or paper towels to dry the straps. 

dry strap

Step 6. Attach the clean strap back to your watch. Clean your rubber and silicone watch straps at least once every two weeks of use.

put clean straps back

Is It Safe to Use Vinegar with Baking Soda to Clean Rubber Straps?

Nope. Vinegar is an acid, and rubber and acid just don’t mix. It can break down the watch strap over time.

So it’s best to just use baking soda and soap when cleaning rubber watch straps.


And that’s how I clean my rubber and silicone watch straps with baking soda paste. Give it a try.

Did you know you can also clean your hairbrush with baking soda? Read my article on how to clean your hairbrush with baking soda if you have time.

I hope this article was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.

-Baking Soda Guy

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How often should I clean my rubber and silicone watch straps with baking soda? It’s recommended to clean your rubber and silicone watch straps at least once every two weeks, especially if you wear your watch regularly. Regular cleaning can help prevent the buildup of grime and keep your watch straps fresh.
  2. Can I use baking soda to clean leather or metal watch straps? Baking soda is safe and effective for cleaning rubber and silicone watch straps, but it’s not suitable for leather or metal straps. Leather straps require special care, and using baking soda may damage them. For leather and metal straps, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations or use appropriate cleaning products.
  3. Is it safe to soak the entire watch in the baking soda paste? No, it’s not advisable to soak the entire watch, especially if it’s not water-resistant. Soaking the watch can potentially damage its internal components, including the movement. Stick to cleaning the rubber and silicone straps separately to avoid any potential harm.
  4. Can I use a toothbrush to scrub the watch straps with baking soda paste? While a toothbrush may work for some watch straps, it’s essential to use a brush with soft bristles to prevent scratching the material. A dedicated watch strap brush or a soft-bristled brush is a better choice for effective yet gentle cleaning.
  5. How can I remove stubborn stains or discoloration from my rubber or silicone watch straps? For stubborn stains or discoloration, you can try using a gentle soap or specialized watch strap cleaner in combination with the baking soda paste. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that may damage the straps.
  6. Are there any alternative methods to deodorize watch straps? If you’re looking for alternative ways to deodorize your watch straps, you can try placing them in a sealed plastic bag with a small amount of baking soda for a few hours. Baking soda is known for its odor-absorbing properties and may help neutralize unpleasant smells.
  7. Can I use baking soda to clean the watch face or crystal? Baking soda is not recommended for cleaning watch faces or crystals, especially if they have special coatings or are made of delicate materials. To clean the watch face, use a soft, lint-free cloth slightly dampened with water, and avoid harsh chemicals.
  8. How should I store my watch when not in use? When you’re not wearing your watch, store it in a dry, clean place, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Using a watch case or box can provide additional protection from dust and potential damage.
  9. Are there any specific care tips for watch straps in extreme weather conditions? In extreme weather conditions, such as high heat or freezing temperatures, avoid exposing your watch to these elements for prolonged periods. Extreme temperatures can affect the durability of the watch straps and overall performance of the watch.