How to Clean an Air Humidifier with Hydrogen Peroxide

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Whether you use it to keep your skin moisturized during the dry winter months, or help your child breathe better when they’re sick, a humidifier can be a great addition to your home. 

But it needs to be cleaned regularly if you want it to keep working well and prevent mold from forming. Mold exposure can increase a person’s sensitivity, resulting in severe allergic reactions. So, it’s best to always keep your air humidifier clean.

This article will tell you how to clean a humidifier with hydrogen peroxide.

Let’s get started.

What You’ll Need:

  • hydrogen peroxide 3%
  • water
  • a clean cloth
  • paper towels


  1. Make sure your humidifier is turned off and unplugged. Safety first.
  2. Fill the tank with a solution of 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 4 parts water, then let stand for at least 30 minutes. This will loosen any buildup inside the tank.
  3. Using a clean cloth, wipe dry the tank to remove any remaining dirt or mineral deposits. 
  4. Rinse completely with warm water after cleaning.
  5. Fill the base of your humidifier with fresh water and plug it in. Turn on your unit to ensure that it works properly before returning to regular use again.

How Often Should You Clean Your Humidifier?

Keeping your humidifier clean is essential to ensure that it operates efficiently and that the air in your home remains healthy. 

In general, it’s recommended that you clean your humidifier every week, or at least once per month if you use it less often than daily. 

You may need to clean yours more frequently depending on how hard the water is and whether or not you use distilled water in your humidifier. 

If you notice mineral buildup or grime accumulation, then this is a good indication that your humidifier needs a good cleaning.


In conclusion, if you want to keep your humidifier working well and clean it with a natural disinfectant, use hydrogen peroxide rather than bleach.

If you don’t clean your humidifier, it can grow mold. If you smell mold, you probably have mold! Don’t just assume that the smell is mildew—regularly cleaning your humidifier with hydrogen peroxide will keep it working well and help prevent mold growth.

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Image by Anke Sundermeier from Pixabay