How to Clean Water Thermos Naturally with Baking Soda

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There are many benefits of owning a water thermos. A water thermos allows you to keep drinks hot or cold for long hours, even when you are on the go.

A water thermos is an invaluable asset at work, in a car, at the park, and so on. A well-maintained water thermos will be in excellent condition for years and years to come!

However, it can start to get a funky smell after some use. In this article, you’ll learn how to clean your water thermos naturally with baking soda. Baking soda can deep clean at the same time deodorize your water thermos.

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What You’ll Need:

  • A water thermos
  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • A clean cloth or sponge
  • A bottle brush (optional)


  1. Add enough baking soda and water to fully coat the inside of the thermos. Let the mixture sit for 15-30 minutes.
  2. Use a sponge or bottle brush to scrub both the inside and outside. Pay extra attention to the opening where you place your mouth when drinking from it.
  3. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary until no visible buildup or discoloration is seen in your thermos. The cleaning process may be repeated several times before a gleaming finish is achieved, so don’t give up!
  4. Dry the thermos thoroughly before using it again to avoid bacteria growth (and an unpleasant surprise when you refill it).

Benefits of Using Baking Soda to Clean Your Thermos

Baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate) is a natural cleaning agent that is also great for freshening up your thermos. A few notable benefits of using baking soda to clean your thermos include:

  • It’s inexpensive and easy to find in any grocery store.
  • It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, so it’s safe to use around kids and pets.
  • It can be used with stainless steel and glass containers.

While this article focuses on using baking soda as a natural cleaning agent for removing odors from your water thermos, there are many other ways you can use this versatile powder at home! This website is dedicated to teaching you the many uses of baking soda.

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Thermos with Baking Soda

While it’s not necessary to deep clean your thermos every time you use it, you should definitely do so every couple of weeks if you’re using it frequently. If your thermos is only used occasionally, however, a deep cleaning a few times per year is probably sufficient.

If the term “deep cleaning” makes you think of harsh chemicals and tough scrubbing, fear not! Baking soda is a safe, natural cleaning agent that will leave your thermos sparkling and smell-free without damaging your health or the environment.


We hope that we have given you all the information you need to get your water thermos clean and ready for use. This particular method is best because it is non-toxic and inexpensive. Baking soda can be used anywhere, anytime to clean your water thermos with no hassles.

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Cover Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko Pexels