How to Easily Clean Coins in Bulk

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Cleaning coins in bulk can be a time-consuming task, but it is worth it to have shiny, new-looking coins.

Whether you are a collector or just have a lot of dirty coins lying around, this guide will show you the best way to clean coins in bulk.

Let’s get started.

What You’ll Need:

  • Container or bowl
  • Dish soap
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Warm water
  • Cloth or paper towels
  • Coin-cleaning solution (optional)


  1. Gather all of the coins you wish to clean and separate them by type (e.g. pennies, nickels, dimes, etc.).
  2. Fill a container or bowl with warm water and add a small amount of mild dish soap.
  3. Using a soft-bristled brush (such as a toothbrush), gently scrub each coin individually in soapy water. Be sure to pay extra attention to any particularly dirty areas.
  4. Rinse each coin individually under running water to remove any remaining dirt and soap residue.
  5. Dry each coin individually using a soft cloth or towel.
  6. If necessary, use a coin-cleaning solution specifically designed for the type of coin you are cleaning. Follow the instructions on the solution and use it with caution.
  7. Once all of the coins are cleaned and dried, store them in a safe place to prevent them from becoming dirty again.

Important Reminders:

Many coins, particularly older or rare coins, have a natural patina or toning that develops over time. This patina can add to the coin’s value and beauty, and cleaning it off can significantly decrease the coin’s value. 

Additionally, some cleaning methods can damage the coin’s surface or cause discoloration, which can also decrease the coin’s value.

It’s important to note that not all coins are equally affected by cleaning, some modern or common coins may not have much value, and cleaning them will not affect their value significantly. 

However, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and research the specific type of coin you are cleaning before attempting to clean it.

It’s also important to consult with a coin expert or professional grader before cleaning valuable coins, as they can provide guidance on the best cleaning method for the coin and its preservation.

In general, it’s always best to handle coins with care and avoid cleaning them unless it’s absolutely necessary, as cleaning coins can be a delicate process and can easily decrease the coin’s value if not done correctly.


Cleaning coins in bulk may seem like a difficult chore, but by following these simple steps and using the appropriate cleaning methods, you can have shiny, new-looking coins in no time. 

Remember to always research the specific type of coin you are cleaning and handle them with care to avoid any damage.

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Happy cleaning, and thanks for reading!

-Baking Soda Guy

Image by svklimkin from Pixabay