Say Goodbye to Fridge Odors with these Baking Soda Cleaning Hacks

Open Fridge

Are you getting frustrated with the odor coming out of your fridge every time it opens?

Well, maybe it’s time to get Mr. Baking Soda to work. Baking Soda is not just good for cleaning but also acts as a natural deodorizer.

Keep on reading to learn ways how to use baking soda to clean and deodorize your fridge.

How to Use Baking Soda to Deodorize Your Fridge

I have tried two different methods of using baking soda to deodorize my fridge. Both work great. Give them a try.

Open a Box of Baking Soda Method

What You’ll Need:

A box of Baking Soda


1. Open a fresh box of baking soda.

2. Place it inside your fridge. I suggest putting it way back to avoid other things accidentally hitting and spilling it.

open box of baking soda

3. That’s it! It will help keep your fridge odorless for up to 3 months.

Bonus tip: Do not use the 3-month-old baking soda for cooking.

Shallow Container Method

What you’ll need:

A shallow container (I use a microwaveable plastic container, but any other container will do)
Baking soda


1. Take a shallow container and sprinkle enough baking soda in it to cover the bottom.

pour baking soda in container

2. Place it inside the crisper. It will help minimize the smell of onions and garlic.

put container in fridge

3. Replace the baking soda every 3 months.

How to Use Baking Soda to Clean Your Refrigerator

Cleaning with baking soda and water helps in removing the stains and smell of your fridge. Here’s a simple method you can try out.

What you’ll need:

5 tablespoons baking soda
2 cups of water
Cloth or soft sponge


1. First, take out all of the items in your fridge.

empty fridge

2. Mix 5 tablespoons of baking soda with 2 cups of water.

mix baking soda and water

3. Dip a cloth or soft sponge into the baking soda solution.

4. Use it to scrub the inside of your fridge. Focus on the stubborn stains.

wipe fridge

5. Rinse with a cloth soaked in water.

6. Dry the inside of your fridge well.

Bonus tip: Make sure you don’t use too much baking soda. It can scratch the glass and smooth surfaces of your fridge.

Why Baking Soda Works as a Fridge Deodorizer

Baking soda works as a fridge deodorizer because it is a natural odor absorbent. Odors in the refrigerator are often caused by the breakdown of food and the growth of bacteria, which release unpleasant-smelling compounds such as amines and sulfur compounds. Baking soda, which is also known as sodium bicarbonate, works by neutralizing these odors and making them less noticeable.

When baking soda is placed in the refrigerator, it reacts with the odors and absorbs them. Baking soda has a porous structure, which means it has many tiny holes that can trap and absorb odor molecules. This makes it an effective and natural way to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh and clean.

In addition to absorbing odors, baking soda can also help to regulate moisture in the refrigerator. It can absorb excess moisture, which can help to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria that can cause odors.

Can Baking Soda Be Harmful to Food in the Refrigerator?

Baking soda is safe for use in the refrigerator and will not harm food. Baking soda is a natural and non-toxic substance that is commonly used for cleaning and deodorizing. It is also safe to use in food and is often used in cooking as a leavening agent. When used to absorb fridge odors, baking soda is placed in an open container or wrapped in a cloth or paper towel, which prevents direct contact with food.

How Often Should I Replace the Baking Soda in my Refrigerator?

Baking soda should be replaced every three months for maximum effectiveness. Over time, the baking soda will become less effective at absorbing odors and moisture. To ensure that your refrigerator remains fresh and clean, it’s important to replace the baking soda on a regular basis.

Are There Any Alternatives to Using Baking Soda to Eliminate Fridge Odors?

Yes, there are alternative natural remedies to using baking soda to eliminate fridge odors. Some effective alternatives include placing a bowl of white vinegar in the refrigerator, using activated charcoal, or using coffee grounds. These natural remedies work by absorbing odors in a similar way to baking soda.

Can I Use Baking Soda to Clean Other Kitchen Appliances?

Yes, baking soda can be used to clean other kitchen appliances. It is a versatile and natural cleaning agent that can be used to clean ovens, microwaves, and even coffee makers. Baking soda can help to remove stains, deodorize surfaces, and leave appliances looking clean and fresh.

Can I Use Scented Baking Soda to Eliminate Fridge Odors?

While scented baking soda can be used to eliminate fridge odors, it may leave a fragrance that affects the taste or smell of food in the refrigerator. For this reason, it’s best to use unscented baking soda or natural alternatives to eliminate fridge odors.


I hope you’ll try some of the methods written here the next time you clean your fridge.

If you’re looking for more ways to use baking soda around the kitchen, here’s an article on how to wash fruits and vegetables.

Don’t forget to keep your fridge door closed. We wouldn’t want to waste power now.

Thank you for reading.

-Baking Soda Guy

Top Photo by Jesse K. on Unsplash