How to Clean Tiles with Baking Soda

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Cleaning grime off your bathroom and kitchen tiles can be a hassle. It’s a lot of wiping and scrubbing.

There are plenty of cleaning products out there to aid you in your quest for cleaner tiles.

So Why Use Baking Soda?

First, it’s very effective in cleaning tiles. The gentle abrasion of the baking soda can help you scrub off grime easier.

Second, it’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly. You give your nose a break from the stench of chemical cleaners.

Third, baking soda doesn’t just clean things but also deodorizes them.

And, last but not least it’s cheap and always available whenever you need it. You probably have some in your kitchen drawer right now.

Are those enough reasons for you? Give this method a try.

Here’s how I clean my tiles with baking soda. 

What you’ll need:

6-8 tablespoons baking soda

1/2 cup white vinegar

2 cups water

Sponge or brush

Shallow container

Optional: A few drops of dishwashing soap

Steps on How to Clean Tiles with Baking Soda:

1. Combine the baking soda, vinegar, and water in the container. You can add a few drops of dishwashing soap if you want. Mix well.

clean tile with baking soda. mix baking soda, vinegar and water

2. Soak the sponge in baking soda and vinegar solution.  

soak sponge

3. Start wiping your tiles with the sponge. Use a circular motion. Make sure you clean the tile surface and the grout. 

clean tile with baking soda. scrub the tile

4. After that, rinse your tiles with water. 

rinse tile with water

5. Get a clean cloth to wipe and dry your tiles. 

When you’ve finished using the sponge to wash your tiles, don’t forget to clean your sponge using baking soda and vinegar.

Is Baking Soda with Vinegar Good for Cleaning Tiles?

Short answer, Yes.

Baking soda combined with vinegar will not only clean off grime and dirt from your tiles but will also disinfect and deodorize. So it’s an all-in-one cleaning solution for your tiles.

Pretty good for items you already have laying around the kitchen if you ask me. 

Does Baking Soda Damage Tiles?

It should be safe to use for most kinds of bathroom tiles like ceramic and vinyl. I use it for cleaning both my kitchen and bathroom tiles.

However, there are surfaces that you shouldn’t clean with baking soda, such as marble and wood.

Also, consider that baking soda is mildly abrasive and can destroy soft surfaces and protective coatings. So use your best judgment.

In any case, it’s always best to check the tile’s manufacturer’s guide first.


Now your tiles should be clean and odor-free.

Please share this article with your friends and family if you find it useful.

Thank you for reading.

-Baking Soda Guy

Top Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels